Volunteer & DO Your Part

We need you to DO your part! The mission of the Ohio Osteopathic Association is to promote the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine in Ohio. To achieve our mission, we need your help. Our physicians are the most highly trained and educated professionals (in health care or otherwise) so we need to share this with the state of Ohio.

Please consider moving the profession forward in any of the following ways:


We’re continually seeking experts with special knowledge, experience, or interest regarding insurance, Medicaid, scope of practice issues, physician payment, and pharmacology among other topics. Your participation could include testimony at the Statehouse, interested party meetings, legislation review, media engagement, etc.

Physicians who agree to testify before the Ohio General Assembly will do so on the record in a public setting. Participation in this advocacy activity will be shared with the membership and general public through various OOA communication platforms. 


Get the next osteopathic generation off to a great start by allowing interested undergraduate students to shadow you. Many COMs require applicants to get to know a DO and request a letter of recommendation as part of the application process. This provides students with exposure to the osteopathic profession and enhances awareness of the osteopathic medical philosophy.


The OOA is expanding its CME offerings. Your patient-centered expertise underscores the osteopathic approach to wellness. Share your knowledge with your peers. Register your interest in serving as a lecturer at a CME seminar.


Many medical students scramble to find—and pay for—housing while doing rotations away from their home site. It’s a similar situation when it’s time for residency interviews as the costs for transportation, lodging, meals, and application fees add up. You can help by providing an osteopathic medical student with a free place to stay.

This OOA-assisted housing service connects interested medical students with volunteer physician hosts. This program is neither associated with nor coordinated by any college of osteopathic medicine. The transaction is between the student and physician without any guarantees from the OOA or the student’s college of osteopathic medicine.